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Introducing Calming Suds

The mission of Calming Suds is simple. We strive to keep our customers happy and healthy amidst the chaos of modern life. To do so, we design scent profiles that promote groundedness and well-being.

Since 2000, we have crafted unique blends of natural plants, minerals and oils. Each product helps root you in a home that is solely yours, while also connecting you to the environment we all share. We know that what is good for you must also be good for the earth.

These soaps are all made with Baraka Shea Butter sourced from Ghana Africa, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Vitamin E oil and vitamin-rich olive oil.  Most are also made with various clays and colloidal oats.  Please give special attention to the ingredients listed for each item.

Facial Wash
Candle Wax Before Melting
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